Session Information

After the contact form.. what’s next?

I will contact you by email or call you on the phone.  We will discuss who will be in your photos, where we will shoot them, what you will wear and if you want props.  I’ll also provide you with some helpful resources to inspire some ideas for your fun and unique shoot. If you’d like, we can do an in person pre-shoot consultation which will allow us to get to know each other and talk more about the goals for your shoot, and go over prices and products. I usually go and scout out our location a day or two ahead of time, and will confirm our meeting time, and exact location based on the lighting of where we’ll be shooting. If the weather does not cooperate (which can happen certain times of the year) we can reschedule.

The day of your shoot you will pay me your session fee. Then we will have fun! You’ll smile, laugh and be serious.  I might ask you to jump up and down, dance or twirl or just be silly.  I’ll talk to you and guide you.  You’ll see me in weird positions, lying in the dirt, standing on benches or step ladders, whatever, to get those great shots.  After our session, I will get busy editing your photos, and within 2 to 3 weeks (sometimes even quicker) I will send you a link to your private online gallery. My goal is that you will be blown away by the images I’ve captured for you!

You will then have approximately three weeks to look over your images and decide which ones you cannot live without.  You can either place your order with me, or directly through the hosting site. The photos will be printed at a local professional lab, looked over, and wrapped carefully and beautifully before I deliver them to you.  I’ll be so  excited for you to finally see your beautiful prints!